Daily Treasure

Of a Glorious Body

Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.

~ Phil 3:21

My flesh shall slumber, in the ground  
Till the last trumpet’s joyful sound;  
Then burst the chains, with sweet surprise,  
And in my Saviour’s image rise.

Eternal Perspectives

No legitimate activity of life—whether in marriage, family, business, play, friendship, education, politics, etc.—escapes the claims of Christ’s kingship. . . . Certainly those who live and reign with Christ forever will find the diversity and complexity of their worship of God not less, but richer, in the life to come. Every legitimate activity of new creaturely life will be included within the life of worship of God’s people.
~ Cornelius Venema, [The Promise of the Future]

Streams in The Desert

Leave It To God

Roll on Jehovah thy way

~ Ps 37:5

Whatever it is that presses thee, go tell the Father; put the whole matter over into His hand, and so shalt thou be freed from that dividing, perplexing care that the world is full of. When thou art either to do or suffer anything, when thou art about any purpose or business, go tell God of it, and acquaint Him with it; yes, burden Him with it, and thou hast done for matter of caring; no more care, but quiet, sweet, diligence in thy duty, and dependence on Him for the carriage of thy matters. Roll thy cares, and thyself with them, as one burden, all on thy God.

~ R. Leighton

Build a little fence of trust  
Around today;  
Fill the space with loving work  
And therein stay.  
Look not through the sheltering bars  
Upon tomorrow;  
God will help thee bear what comes  
Of joy or sorrow.

~ Mary Butts  

We shall find it impossible to commit our way unto the Lord, unless it be a way that He approves. It is only by faith that a man can commit his way unto the Lord; if there be the slightest doubt in the heart that “our way” is not a good one, faith will refuse to have anything to do with it. This committing of our way must be a continuous, not a single act. However extraordinary and unexpected may seem to be His guidance, however near the precipice He may take you, you are not to snatch the guiding reins out of His hands. Are we willing to have all our ways submitted to God, for Him to pronounce judgment on them? There is nothing a Christian needs to be more scrutinizing about than about his confirmed habits and views. He is too apt to take for granted the Divine approbation of them. Why are some Christians so anxious, so fearful? Evidently because they have not left their way with the Lord. They took it to Him, but brought it away with them again.

~ Selected

Eternal Perspectives

One of the reasons we struggle with the idea of worship in heaven is that we find worship on earth so routine, so predictable. We gather with other believers and say we have come together to worship God, but if we are honest, we are focused far more on ourselves than on the Lord. We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that we are the audience in worship and that the performers are the professionals up front. Nothing will kill the spirit of genuine worship more effectively than sitting in a comfortable seat, just watching the show. . . .

The only audience in worship is God. He is the one we are gathered to honor and praise and exalt. His character, his goodness, his grace and mercy and forgiveness are the focus of true worship. . . . Our single goal is to please our Audience. . . . The Audience we are striving to please is not impressed with the outward motions of worship. He is impressed with the attitude of our hearts before him and with the sacrifice we offer of our praise to him.

~ Douglas Connelly, [The Promise of Heaven]

Daily Strength for Daily Needs

I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

~ John 9:4

Wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task?

~ Exod 5:14

He who intermits  
The appointed task and duties of the day  
Untunes full oft the pleasures of the day;  
Checking the finer spirits that refuse  
To flow, when purposes are lightly changed.  

By putting off things beyond their proper times, one duty treads upon the heels of another, and all duties are felt as irksome obligations,—a yoke beneath which we fret and lose our peace. In most cases the consequence of this is, that we have no time to do the work as it ought to be done. It is therefore done precipitately, with eagerness, with a greater desire simply to get it done, than to do it well, and with very little thought of God throughout.  

Sufficient for each day is the good thereof, equally as the evil. We must do at once, and with our might, the merciful deed that our hand findeth to do,—else it will never be done, for the hand will find other tasks, and the arrears fall through. And every unconsummated good feeling, every unfulfilled purpose that His spirit has prompted, shall one day charge us as faithless and recreant before God.  
~ J. H. THOM

Daily Quiet Time

A daily rate for every day.

~ 2 Kgs 25:30

The acts of breathing which I performed yesterday will not keep me alive today; I must continue to breathe afresh every moment, or animal life ceases. In like manner yesterday’s grace and spiritual strength must be renewed, and the Holy Spirit must continue to breathe on my soul from moment to moment in order to my enjoying the consolations, and to my working the works of God.

~ Toplady


The Bible is the written word of God, and because it is written it is confined and limited by the necessities of ink and paper and leather. The Voice of God, however, is alive and free as the sovereign God is free. “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” The life is in the speaking words. God’s word in the Bible can have power only because it corresponds to God’s word in the universe. It is the present Voice which makes the written Word all-powerful. Otherwise it would lie locked in slumber within the covers of a book.