Honesty guides good people; dishonesty destroys treacherous people.
~ Proverbs 11:3 [NLT]

Integrity is the state of being whole or undivided.  That’s what God wants for us; that we live our lives with oneness, where our thoughts, actions, intentions, and character are unified for God’s purpose.  We don’t want to hide our true selves, while, on the outside, look like we are doing the “right thing.” Let’s live lives filled with integrity.


Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.
~ Proverbs 4:25 [NLT]

When we live distracted lives, we live destroyed by the enemy of our soul.  The enemy loves when we reach for more and focus on what’s next.  As long as our eyes are consumed with what depends on us, we aren’t able to depend on God.  Focus your eyes on Jesus.  Don’t let your possessions, career or any other good gift God gives, possess you.  May all those things be tools to better serve the Lord.

Righteous Man

The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.
~ Proverbs 20:7 [NLT]

Modeling integrity to your children provides a two-fold gift. They witness and learn how to live with integrity. In addition, they are blessed through your integrity because they don’t suffer from the consequences of dishonor. What lasting gift are you giving to the next generation?