There is nothing, naturally speaking, that makes us lose heart quicker than decay – the decay of bodily beauty, of natural life, of friendship, of associations, all these things make a man lose heart; but Paul says when we are trusting in Jesus Christ these things do not find us discouraged, light comes through them.

~ Oswald Chambers [The Place of Help]

In The Moral Domain

You cannot get at the basis of things by disputing. Our Lord Himself comes off second best every time in a logical argument, and yet you know that He has in reality come off “more than conqueror.” Jesus Christ lived in the moral domain and, in a sense, the intellect is of no use there. Intellect is not a guide, but an instrument. 

~ Oswald Chambers [Baffled to Fight Better]

The Place of Help

Am I getting nobler, better, more helpful, more humble, as I get older? Am I exhibiting the life that men take knowledge of as having been with Jesus, or am I getting more self-assertive, more deliberately determined to have my own way? It is a great thing to tell yourself the truth. 
~ The Place of Help


When God’s voice will come you do not know, but whenever the realisation of God comes again in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon. It is only by abandon that you find Him. Never make the mistake of thinking that God speaks unmistakably clearly; He speaks in the gentlest of whispers, so unutterably quiet that it is not easy to hear Him. We only realise His voice more clearly by recklessness.
[God’s Workmanship]


The note of the Christian life is abandonment to Jesus Christ. That life is not a hole-and-corner business whereby I look after my own speckless whiteness, afraid to do this and that, afraid to go anywhere in case I get soiled. The whole life is summed up in a passionate absorbing devotion to Jesus and the realisation of His presence. [The Place of Help] If we have not abandoned to Jesus Christ we are likely to be trapped on every hand by our complete ignorance of ourselves, and panic will result. Panic leads us away from the control of God and leaves us not only beyond our own control but possibly under the control of other forces. The one safeguard is abandonment to the Lord Jesus, receiving His Spirit, and obeying Him.