The Life of Abraham

The life of Abraham does not stand for the life of a saint but for the life of the Father of the Faithful, consequently every error he committed, as well as every glorious thing he did, is recorded and traced out in its consequences through the history of his people. We are not to follow all the steps of Abraham, but to follow the steps of his faith (cf. 1 Corinthians 4:17).

[Not Knowing Whither]

Eternal Perspectives

If we take literally the earthly depictions of life on the New Earth, we can make a direct connection between our current lives and our future in Heaven. When I’m eating with people here, enjoying food and friendship, it’s a bridge to when I’ll be eating there, enjoying food and friendship at the banquet table God has prepared for us (Revelation 19:9). This isn’t making a blind leap into a shadowy afterlife; it’s just taking a few natural steps in the light Scripture has given us.

~ Randy Alcorn, [We Shall See God]