How Good He Is

God is amazing. He is in control, and his plans can’t be altered or stopped by anything. It’s not how much we do that gives us protection by God. It’s how much he does. We’re not safe because we do the right thing or are good people; we’re safe because God is protecting us, because we have a relationship with him through Jesus. We can’t alter God’s plans if we don’t do enough, or fall down, or do something wrong. God doesn’t let go of us — ever. Our relationship with him remains. He controls our lives and looks after us because of how good he is, not how good we are. As long as we remain with him, he protects us. He’ll always protect us. Our lives can be in a bad place, but we’re still loved, watched, and cared for by God. He manages every step we take. He holds onto us, and doesn’t look away. It’s about how good he is. And he’s perfect.

~ Mona M. Hanna

The Nature of God


I often think God hasn’t heard me when I’ve prayed. When it seems like I haven’t gotten a response, I feel like God hasn’t listened, or he doesn’t think my prayer is important enough. If God truly heard me, he would do something, or say something to me. 

But God hears us every time we pray. When he doesn’t reply immediately, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t listened, or we’ve done something to “distance” ourselves from God. It’s not as if he’s upset with us, and that’s why he’s not responding.

God will respond to our prayers when he thinks it’s right, and will act in our lives at a pace designed with his love for us at heart. As much as we’re concerned for our circumstances, or distraught over the life of another — God is just as concerned, and aware of every detail. He cares more than we ever could, and feels more strongly than we ever could feel.

At all times, God’s reasoning for his actions is based on his immense love for us, and his true love for those around us. Remember, when God doesn’t respond immediately to our prayers, it’s not because we haven’t prayed “properly,” or that we’re separate from God. He hears every word, and will act at the right time. God loves all of us very deeply. Pray to him as much as you can. He always listens.

The Nature of God

Not Alone

Is everything okay? 

Is everything alright? 

Is nothing so bad it can’t be beaten? Is the darkest pain, the deepest scar, the coldest day, still in the light?

Is the light brighter and stronger than anything? Than death?

Is he better than anything? He speaks our language. Understands our hearts. Our needs, desires, temptations, evils.

Is he better than anything? He speaks our language. Understands our hearts. Our needs, desires, temptations, evils. He’s so great he saw our evil, our wrong, our separation, and sent his Son to die in the most horrific way, for us. 

For us. Can anything be overcome? Is anything beatable? Is there anything else we can look at? No. Not love of another, not romance, not career, money, pleasure. Everything can be taken away. Everything can die, go, leave. But not that. Not that. Nothing can take that away, or supersede it. He sees us as we are, our deepest hearts and souls, our evils, our wrongs, and he died for everyone. No matter how bad, or small.

If we ever wonder if there’s a point, if there’s any point to our lives — if there’s any point in being alive. There’s that. He will never leave you, loves you more than life itself. There’s nothing he can’t do, but he’ll only do what’s good. Let your heart be full. Believe. You’re not alone. And never will be.

The Nature of God


Once, a Christian friend of mine said something to me about faith. She said the promises God has made to us are always true, no matter how we’re feeling. Unfortunately, this is something I find hard to remember.

God has said a great many things to me over the years since I became a Christian. He’s said my life is his now. He’s said he would take care of my entire Christian journey — he would do everything. He’s said that, even though he desperately didn’t want to go through with the crucifixion, he did it because he loves me so very, very much. And God has said he’s proud of me — not because I do everything right, or achieve great things, but because I try hard and I mean well.

And yet so often I feel sad and alone, and forget everything I’ve been told. I’ve struggled with depression since I was 17, and so frequently I have to deal with negative thinking and insecurity. I can feel that I’m completely on my own, and that my life has no direction or purpose.

But everything God has ever said to me is still true. I am not alone. God does love me. Jesus himself is guiding my Christian journey, and will never leave me, or look away. 

Even if I’m lost and understand little else, I can hold onto God’s promises. Where I stand with God is not based on how I feel. I can’t assume that God loves me less, or is protecting me less, if I feel awful or am going through a difficult situation. And, most importantly, God doesn’t keep his promises to me based on how “good” a Christian I am, but because Jesus died for my sins, and paid for everything I do wrong.

So I need to hold onto the beautiful things God has said to me. He will never let me down. I need to have faith.

The Nature of God

No Matter What

I often feel that God’s love is fallible — that if I do the wrong thing, or make a mess of my life, he’ll love me less. I tell myself yes, God loves me, but he won’t accept me if I do something awful, or continually make mistakes. If I don’t understand him, and fail, he’ll look away.

But if we look at the Bible, we see even the greatest people, who God loved and changed the world through, made some terrible mistakes. Look at David. God loved him with all his heart, and was enormously proud of him. But David fell down, and committed adultery and murder. He had many great insights about God, but even he didn’t always see God clearly. Yet God still loved him. He didn’t look away from him. He didn’t reject him. And David went on to be one of the greatest people in history, because of the works God performed through him.

In our own lives, it’s okay to make mistakes and be confused, anxious and stressed. It’s normal and God still loves us. He’s with us no matter what — no matter what we do, even if we feel foolish and ashamed. He doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves. He’s with us even if we don’t understand him, and totally fall apart. It’s not a requirement of our relationship with God to never fall down. Jesus died to connect us to God despite our failures, and there are no barriers we could possibly create that could break that bond. God will always love us. No matter what.

The Nature of God


At times I feel an ache, an inner loneliness that cripples me. 

But I forget about God. I forget that God loves me, and actually wants a relationship with me. 

A Christian friend of mine told me that God has emotions. Not that he’s defensive and unstable, but he loves me and is sad when I turn away from him. He feels sadness when I’m hurt, and feels love and joy at my happiness.

I matter to him. He isn’t an emotionless deity, watching from afar and not caring. He doesn’t go about his plans without caring if I’m involved. What I do matters to him. What I say matters. How I treat him. If I spend time with him.

He loves me, and just as I would be hurt if someone I love rejected me, he’s hurt when I reject him. Just as I feel sad when someone I love is sad, or I’m in pain when they’re upset — God’s the same. He aches when I’m upset. He actually loves me. He cries when I cry. If only I could see it. Any pain I feel would be diminished in light of God’s love. He cares about every part of me. If only I could see it.

God Knows Me

God knows every inch of me.

He made me. He created me. He made my mind. My heart. My soul. My talents. All of me. He knows everything I worry about, and looks at me with love and compassion.

He sits with me always, right beside me, protecting me.

I don’t have to struggle alone, waiting until I’m “good” or in a “place of understanding about God” to pray. I can talk to him anytime. He wants to hear from me. He loves me. I don’t have to wait to talk to him — I can talk to him now.

He’ll never leave me, loves me more than life itself. I am not alone.