Eternal Perspectives

What thrills me most about our heavenly praise is that it will be perfect. Many times I want to praise God with all my heart, but other thoughts crowd in and clutter my mind. Have you ever been praising God when some evil or trivial thought entered your mind, or some nonsensical notion interrupted your praise? How discouraging to realize how earthbound we are! In heaven our praise will always come out of pure hearts with pure motives and no distractions.

~ John MacArthur, 
[Heaven: Selected Scriptures]

Eternal Perspectives

Will we be free to sin in heaven? . . . If we answer no, we seem to lack something: free will. If we answer yes, we lack something else: moral perfection. The Heavenly question thus lands us squarely into an earthly and present issue concerning the nature of freedom and of morality and may help us to puncture one of modernity’s most pervasive and destructive illusions: the association of freedom with rebellion and of obedience with unfreedom.1218 Peter Kreeft, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven We sin because we see sin as a bargain. We unconsciously calculate that it’s worth it, that it pays, that “justice is not more profitable than injustice.” Sin seems to be simply a choice between alternative life-styles on earth. But if we recognize that all sin is Hellish, if we see sin as Hell wearing an earthly mask, we will fly to the Father in fear.

~ Peter Kreeft, [Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven]

Eternal Perspectives

Sinners No More ~ Forever Righteous

Let wrath deserved be written on the door of hell, But the free gift of grace on the gate of heaven. I know that my sufferings are the result of my sinning, but in heaven both shall cease.
~ [The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions]

I must frankly confess that of all my expectations of heaven, I will cheerfully renounce ten thousand things if I can but know that I shall have perfect holiness. If I may become like Jesus Christ—pure and perfect—I cannot understand how any other joy can be denied me. If we shall have that, surely we shall have everything.
~ Charles Spurgeon, [“The Hope that Purifies,” Sermon 3235]

Eternal Perspectives

While Scripture places a value upon the ability of a person to act in an unconstrained or uncoerced way, it places a greater value upon the individual acting in accordance with the truth, in accordance with what is right. “Freedom” in Scripture is not the freedom that an amoral individual has to do what he wants to do; it is the service of God. It is this freedom, in contrast to the bondage to sin, that Christ promised to his followers (John 8:32-6). So however “free”—politically, financially or in other ways—a person may be, if his uncoerced choices are sinful then that person is not free but is in bondage. 

The freedom of heaven, then, is the freedom from sin; not that the believer just happens to be free from sin, but that he is so constituted or reconstituted that he cannot sin. He does not want to sin, and he does not want to want to sin.

~ Paul Helm, [The Last Things]

Eternal Perspectives

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the best available Greek manuscripts of 2 Peter 3:10 read that “the earth and all of its works will be burned up.” This is how every translation of that period, including the King James Version, rendered this verse. It is easy to see how whole generations of Christians learned from their Bibles to expect a future fire that would annihilate the entire world.

However, scholars have since discovered older, more reliable Greek manuscripts, and these texts say that rather than burning up, “the earth and all of its works will be found.” Instead of being destroyed, this term “found” implies that the quality of our works will be “laid bare,” discovered for all to see. Much like gold passing through a smelting furnace, the good that we do will be purified while our less noble efforts will slough off. Read this way, Peter’s vision of a coming conflagration seems to be a purging rather than annihilating fire.

~ Michael Wittmer, [Heaven Is a Place on Earth]

Eternal Perspectives

We are often pressed with the reality of eternity only when a loved one dies. Or when we grow old and begin to realize that most of life has passed and we note with regret the little we have done for eternity, the little we will take with us there, and the short time left to do much of significance for heaven’s sake. Most of us live as though this world is where we are rewarded, and happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and prosperity not only can be ours here and now but should be.

~ Joseph Stowell [Eternity]