Daily Word of God

Prize Present Blessings

Their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.

~ Luke 24:31

All along the way Jesus had walked with these disciples, pouring the warmth of His spirit upon them; but they did not recognize Him until the moment of His vanishing out of their sight. It is the same with us and many of our best blessings. We do not recognize them till they are taking their flight. We do not prize health till it is broken. Our common privileges we do not value till something deprives us of them. Our homes appear old-fashioned till we are thrown upon the world homeless.

It is the same with our friends. We do not see the beauties of their character, not perceive their real worth, until in some way we have lost them. This is specially true of the friends who are nearest to us in our own households. They seem to us commonplace, because they are always moving before us. Their help is so perpetual, and their ministry is so unbroken, that we do not learn their value to us. But some day one of these friends vanishes out of our sight. The familiar form is seen no more. The voice of tender love is heard no more. The quiet, gentle ministry ceases. To-morrow we miss the friend; then in the vanishing we learn what he was to us. Very sadly one has sung,

And she is gone, sweet human love is gone!  
‘Tis only when they spring to heaven that angels  
Reveal themselves to you; they sit all day  
Beside you, and lie down at night by you,  
Who care not for their presence: muse or sleep,  
And all at once they leave you. Then you know them!  
We are so fooled, so cheated.

Should we not get a lesson here in these closing days of the year? Shall we not try to prize our blessing while we have them? The vacant chair should not be the first revealer of a loving friend.

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