Today With God

Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew the publican.

~ Matt 10:3

It is remarkable how little we know about most of the apostles. Peter, James, and John, we know quite well. Matthew we know by the Gospel he wrote. Thomas we remember by his doubts. James, the son of Alphaeus, wrote an epistle. Another Judas, not Iscariot, left us a little letter. Of the rest we know almost nothing but their names.

No doubt one reason why no more is told about the apostles is that the Bible magnifies only one name. The Gospels were written to hold up Christ before the world. We need not trouble ourselves about the obscurity of great men. Earth keeps scant records of its benefactors, but there is a place where every smallest kindness done in the name of Christ is recorded and remembered. The stories of the obscure apostles and of the beautiful lives which have wrought God and for man have vanished, but are recorded indelibly before God. Their memorials are in other lives, and some day every touch and impression will be revealed.

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