Proverbs 4: 10 ~ 37

One or two sentences stand out in this section, demanding special attention. The path of the just, etc., Pro 4:18. We may compare this beautiful similitude with 2Sa 23:4. In the East, where the heavens are for the most part free of cloud, the steadily increasing light of any day to perfect noontide glory is the ordinary experience. Let us so live that the path of our life may become ever more radiant and beneficent in its heat and light.

Keep thy heart, etc., Pro 4:23. “Above all keeping,” margin. The gates of the heart need careful scrutiny. When we are careless, thoughts creep in with malign intent. We should imitate the good Neh 13:19. Ask that pure and holy angels may stand sentry as at the gates of pearl, Rev 21:12. If you think right, you will live right.

Ponder the path, etc., Pro 4:26. “Weigh carefully.” Act in haste and repent at leisure! Ask God to keep you back from presumptuous sins; and bear in mind the wise exhortation of Ecc 5:2.

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