Daily Comfort

“How priceless is Your unfailing love! Men find refuge under the shadow of Your wings!”

~ Ps 36:7

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”

~ Psalm 91:4

‘Under His wings’ is a blessed shelter into which to flee when the world is cold. It is a warm place into which to creep when the heart is smitten with sorrows. It is when we are troubled that we find these wings the softest. We call sorrow a shadow, and we talk about the shadow falling upon us and deepening, until sometimes all the light is obscured. Have you ever thought that it is the shadow of God’s wings, which makes this darkness? It does not seem love’s shadow; it seems unkindness. But really it is love. God is never so close to us as when we are in deepest sorrow.

As feeble babes that suffer,  
Toss and cry and will not rest,  
Are the ones the tender mother  
Holds the closest, loves the best.

So when we are weak and wretched,
By our sins weighed down, distressed,
Then it is that God’s great patience
Holds us closest, loves us best.

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