Today With God

We are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.

~ Eph 5:30

Nothing in this world means more to God than a beautiful home of love and prayer.

Our chapter for today is given to suggestions as to the making of a home. Each member of the family has a share. There is the husband’s part. He must love his wife and give himself to her, as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it. This is a high order of love. The wife has a part. She is to love her husband and live for her home. There is a part also for parents. They live for their children. They care for them. They train and teach them. They show them how to live. They are the revealers and interpreters of God to them. There is a part also in the home–making for the children. They are to obey their parents.

People sometimes say facetiously that in these days the commandment runs, “Parents, obey your children.” Where this is the interpretation, it is an unhappy reversal.

The true Christian home is one in which love rules, and where each one fills his own place.

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