Jesus Always

I am richly present in the world around you, in the Word, and in your heart through My Spirit. Ask Me to open the eyes of your heart so that you can “see” Me—for I am lovingly present in all your moments. It’s vital to set aside blocks of time for seeking My Face. This requires sustained mental discipline: pulling your thoughts back from the idols that entice you and choosing to think about Me. I am the living Word, so you will find Me vibrantly present when you search for Me in the Scriptures.

I created breathtaking beauty in the world, to point you to the One who made everything. Without Me, nothing was made that has been made. Whenever you are enjoying something beautiful, thank Me. This pleases Me, and it also increases your pleasure. When you encounter difficult, ugly things in this broken world, trust Me then too. Keep looking for Me in the midst of your good times and your hard times. Find hope and comfort through knowing that all your times are in My hands.

1 Chronicles 16:11; John 1:3; Psalm 31:14–15 [NKJV]

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