Daily Word of God

Experience the Best Evidence

Doth our law judge any man, before it hear him before before it hear him, and know what he doeth?

~ John 7:51

Nicodemus asked justice for Jesus, and pleaded that He should not be condemned without a fair hearing. the same principle of justice should appeal now to men who are uttering hostile opinions of Christ. His enemies are never really those who have by experience proved His promises unworthy of confidence. The world has never yet known of a true follower of Christ who has honestly made experiment of Christ’s salvation and has been disappointed.

All who have trusted Him have found every word true on which He caused them to hope. No one that has tried Him as Saviour, Deliverer, Helper, and Friend has ever become His enemy. Those who oppose Christ are they who know nothing about Him by experience. They judge Him before they hear Him. But is this just? Is it right to condemn any man if we really have no knowledge of the facts alleged against Him? Would it be right to condemn a book we had never read, or of which we had no actual knowledge?

Surely no one has any right to be an enemy of Christ without having honestly and conscientiously examined Christ’s claims and then proved them untrue and unworthy of confidence. No one should put away Christ until he find something better than Christ — something that will do more for him, that will bring him better help in trouble, a better salvation in his lost condition, that will make a better man of him, lifting him up to nobler heights of holiness and beauty.

The best evidence of Christianity always is experience. “Come and see,” was all the eager disciple asked, when the man invited doubted. “Come and see” is better always than argument. If we can only get people to try Christ’s religion for themselves, there is no danger that they will condemn it.

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