One is a Majority With God

God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew … What was God’s answer to him [Elijah]? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand”.

~ Romans 11:2,4

Perhaps you have experienced that sinking feeling that it’s you against the world. And frankly, the world seems to have you badly outnumbered.

But an amazing transformation takes place when you realize it’s not simply you, but you and God and the remnant God has promised never to be without.

W. H. Griffith Thomas points out how Paul used the life of Elijah to encourage both his countrymen and his fellow believers that God always has a remnant of believers who remain loyal to him.


“To support his contention that God has not cast away his people, Paul points out that the same state of affairs existed in the time of Elijah.

“Appearances are not always the same as reality, and there is still a godly remnant, though disregarded by the entire nation.

“When Elijah on Mt. Horeb brought an accusation against his countrymen of such unfaithfulness to God that he alone was left, the divine response quickly showed him that there was a kernel of loyalty.

“In exactly the same way in Paul’s day, the mass of people were unfaithful, but there was a remnant of loyal Israelites who had accepted thankfully the divine righteousness by faith.

“Like the quiet group that welcomed the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem, there were many in this remnant who ‘waited for the salvation of Israel.’ “


It’s never easy to stand alone for what you believe. But learn a lesson from Elijah: When hostility comes, when you feel like it’s you against the world, look up. It may surprise you to see how many others are standing with you. You, like Elijah, are part of an entire army of faith!

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