Today With God

Finding disciples, we tarried there seven days.

~ Acts 21:4

We get a lesson on wayside ministry.  

Some people travel a good deal, stopping at certain places. If they are eager to be helpful to others, they can find opportunities, to do much good in these pauses. When the ship called at Tyre, Paul improved the opportunity to look up the Christians that were there.

Again at Ptolemais he saluted the brethren. It never will be known how much good he did to the Christians at these places.

Paul’s friends, when they learned what awaited him, begged him not to go on. He refused to listen to their pleadings, but no doubt their appeals made it harder for him to go forward to do God’s will.

Peter would have held Jesus from going on to death, but Jesus told him he was acting the part of Satan, tempting Him. When our friends have a hard duty we should encourage them to loyalty, not to faintheartedness. The true follower of Christ should be ready to endure any cost or sacrifice for the name of Christ.

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