Mornings With God

Certain which went out from us have troubled you with words.

~ Acts 15:24

There are some people who are always troubling others with words, as “certain” had been doing at Antioch. There are contentious persons still, who are never so much in their element as when they are picking a quarrel.

There are those who think they are fond of Bible study, but who really are fond only of quibbling over controverted passages. Those who are set to instruct such Christians should deal with them most gently and patiently. The religion of Christ never lays needless burdens on any disciples.

There are certain essential things, and these should be plainly set forth. Then there are things not essential, and these should not be bound on the backs of the followers of Christ.

A distinguished clergyman says that the text, “Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with thy God,” is the greatest saying of the Old Testament. It presents in the simplest words the whole of what God requires. Surely men need not require more of others than God does!

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