Eternal Perspectives

“As they increase in the knowledge of God and of the works of God, the more they will see of his excellency; and the more they see of his excellency . . . the more will they love him; and the more they love God, the more delight and happiness . . . will they have in him.

~ Jonathan Edwards, The Miscellanies

In Jesus’ day, the Jewish marriage custom required that the groom go to the bride’s father and establish the price for gaining his bride. The father and the future husband sealed the covenant with a cup shared between them. The groom would then leave for a lengthy period, returning to his father’s home where he prepared an apartment that would become their home.

Then, without announcement, when everything was finally ready and the wedding feast prepared, he would leave his father’s home and walk through the streets of the town to receive his bride and take her home.

Needless to say, there was no time to prepare herself for that great celebration if she waited to hear the shouts in the streets. Given that her hope was fixed on that day, she had already prepared herself in anticipation of his coming for her.

~ Joseph Stowell, Eternity

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