Walk With Jesus


~ Acts 11:21

The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.

The disciples must have seemed out of place in the bustling commercial atmosphere of Antioch. But sensing they were there by divine appointment, they dedicated themselves to share their faith. And the result? A secular city turned upside down.

Regardless of your employment situation, the Lord has placed you where you are for a purpose: to introduce others to the Savior. Charles Spurgeon wisely challenges you to use every opportunity.


“Wherever you are called to go, you should make known the gospel of Jesus. Look upon this as your calling and occupation.

“You will not be scattered now by persecution, but should the demands of business carry you into different situations, use that travel for missionary purposes.

“Providence every now and then bids you move your tent; take care that wherever it is pitched you carry with you a testimony for Jesus.

“At times the necessities of health require relaxation, and this may take you to different places of public resort. Seize the opportunity to encourage the churches in such localities by your presence, and endeavor to spread the knowledge of Jesus among those to whom you may be directed.

“The position which you occupy in society is not an accidental one. You are placed where you are that you may be a preserving salt to those around you, a sweet savor of Christ to all who know you.”


One writer summarizes the challenge this way: “If Christ comes to rule in the hearts of men, it will be because we take him with us on the tractor, behind the desk, or when we’re making a sale to a customer.”

God knows what he is about when he guides you into a location and a vocation. All that remains is for you to seize the opportunities he has placed within your reach.

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