Eternal Perspectives

Do you find it odd to think of God as an enthralled lover? Do you feel awkward thinking of Jesus as a suitor intoxicated on love? If so, how else do you explain his actions? Did logic put God in a manger? Did common sense nail him to a cross? . . . 

He came as a prince with his eye on the maiden, ready to battle even the dragon itself if that’s what it took to win her hand. . . . 

You are spoken for. You are engaged, set apart, called out, a holy bride. Forbidden waters hold nothing for you. You have been chosen for his castle. Don’t settle for one-night stands in the arms of a stranger.

Be obsessed with your wedding date. Guard against forgetfulness. Be intolerant of memory lapses. Write yourself notes. Memorize verses. Do whatever you need to do to remember. Aim at what is in heaven. . . . Think only about the things in heaven (Colossians 3:1-2). You are engaged to royalty, and your Prince is coming to take you home.

~ Max Lucado, When Christ Comes

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