Days of Heaven Upon Earth

He is a new creature

~ 2 Cor 5:17
Resurrected, not raised. There is so much in this distinction. The teaching of human philosophy is that we are to raise humanity to a higher plane. This is not the Gospel. On the contrary, the teaching of the cross is that humanity must die and sink out of sight and then be resurrected, not raised. Resurrection is not improvement. It is not elevation, but it is a new supernatural life lifting us from nothingness into God and making us partakers of the Divine nature. It is a new creation. It is an infinite elevation above the highest plane. Let us not take less than resurrection life.I am crucified with Jesus,  
And the cross has set me free;  
I have ris’n again with Jesus,  
And He lives and reigns in me.  
This the story of the Master,  
Through the cross He reached the throne,  
And like Him our path to glory,  
Ever leads through death alone.  

Lord, teach me the death–born life. Lord, let me live in the power of Thy resurrection!

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