Daily Word of God

The Coming of the Lord

Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

~ Mark 3:3

The Lord is always coming to us, or is always ready to come to us, if the way is open for him. Yet no doubt we are continually losing heavenly visitations because the road is blocked up. If we would receive the visitations we must keep the way always open. Sins clung to, unconfessed, unrepented of, unforsaken, block up the path, and Christ cannot come to us until we get them out of the way,. Then there is another sense in which we need to prepare the way of the Lord. He may come any moment in death to call us away from all our busy work. Is there no preparation needed now in our hearts for this coming of the Lord? Are we ready for him any moment? Are our lamps trimmed and burning? Are our loins girded, and have we our shoes on our feet and our staves in our hands? If he came this hour how would he find us? Peter gives us good counsel when, speaking of Christ’s coming again, he says, “Be diligent, that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.” Would he find us thus if he came to day? Are we in peace with God, in peace with ourselves, in peace with all the world? Would he find us without spot? Have we kept our hands clean and our hearts pure, and ourselves unspotted from the world? Would he find us living blameless lives, so sincere, so true, so without blemish that the world can find no cause of reproach in us, and that he himself will approve us?

It will be well for us to think of these things, and if the way for his coming is not prepared, to hasten to have it ready, for he may come any moment. The Jews were taught to prepare a way for the coming of the Lord by repenting of their sins and turning their hearts to God. That is just what every one must do who desires Christ to come to him with blessing, every sin must be swept out.

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