Daily Prayer Guide

And thy gentleness hath made me great.

~ Ps 18:35

How like a mounting devil in the heart  
Rules the unreigned ambition! Let it once  
But play the monarch, and its haughty brow  
Glows with a beauty that bewilders thought  
And unthrones peace forever. Putting on  
The very pomp of Lucifer, it turns  
The heart to ashes.
~ Nathaniel P. Willis

Temperance, in the nobler sense, does not mean a subdued and imperfect energy; it does not mean a stopping short in any good thing, as love or in faith; but it means the power which governs the most intense energy, and prevents its acting in any way but as it ought.
~ John Ruskin

Gracious Father, I pray that I may be willing to profit by the experience of great teachers, and appreciate the value of strong principles. May I too live for the higher ideals of life, and through a sympathetic response add power and virtue to other lives, while gaining strength for my own. Amen.

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