The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

~ Matthew 6:22

Aim at nothing, and you will hit it every time. Aim at something with a whole heart and a clear sense of purpose, and you may be surprised by what you can accomplish.

In short, that’s the message of Matthew 6. Call it the principle of focus: single-minded movement toward a goal.

It’s what guides the basketball player as he shoots, the archer as he looses the arrow, and the disciple of Jesus Christ as he relates to others in daily life.

Pleasing God seldom happens by accident. But as John Wesley points out, it’s not an impossible target to hit, provided your aim is accurate and unwavering.


“If your eye is single, if God is in all your thoughts, if you are constantly aiming at him who is invisible, if it is your intention in all things small and great to please God and do the will of him who sent you into the world, then the promise will certainly take place: ‘Your whole body will be full of light.’ Your whole soul shall be filled with the light of heaven—with the glory of the Lord resting upon you.

“In all your actions and conversation, you shall have not only the testimony of a good conscience toward God, but his Spirit will also bear witness with you that your ways are acceptable to him.”


Aiming to be godly may seem like aiming at an invisible target. But Jesus Christ came to earth to make godliness visible. What does it mean to become godly?

It means becoming like your teacher, giving your undivided attention to his Word and your unquestioned obedience to his will. What are your sights set on?

It’s easy to tell, for where the eye of your heart is focused, your lips and feet will quickly follow.

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