Mornings With God

I with the finger of God cast out devils.

~ Luke 11:20
We need to have One stronger than the strongest to guard us against danger. There are robbers who go about seeking to take from us the treasures of our lives. It will not do to have a pigmy on guard. If we do, the robbers will overpower him and rob us. The only safe thing is to have Christ as the Guardian of our lives. He is able to defend us against all enemies.

It is not enough to have the devil in us driven out; an empty house is not protected. The evil will return and take possession again. That is the way some persons try to change their lives. They cease doing things that are wrong, but put nothing in the empty place. Soon they tire of the new way of living, and go back to the old evil things. The only way to give up the evil and fill life and heart with good things. Empty the heart of hatred, bitterness, envy, and jealousy, and let Christ in and live there and make it His home. Napoleon used to say, “to replace is to conquer.”

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