Eternal Perspectives

One of the reasons we struggle with the idea of worship in heaven is that we find worship on earth so routine, so predictable. We gather with other believers and say we have come together to worship God, but if we are honest, we are focused far more on ourselves than on the Lord. We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that we are the audience in worship and that the performers are the professionals up front. Nothing will kill the spirit of genuine worship more effectively than sitting in a comfortable seat, just watching the show. . . .

The only audience in worship is God. He is the one we are gathered to honor and praise and exalt. His character, his goodness, his grace and mercy and forgiveness are the focus of true worship. . . . Our single goal is to please our Audience. . . . The Audience we are striving to please is not impressed with the outward motions of worship. He is impressed with the attitude of our hearts before him and with the sacrifice we offer of our praise to him.

~ Douglas Connelly, [The Promise of Heaven]

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