Daily Comfort

“Cutting loose the anchors, they left them in the sea.”

~ Acts 27:40

Anything which hinders our getting to heaven–we should resolutely sacrifice.

An illustration of this is the flight of Cortez, on that fearful night when the Aztecs compelled the invaders to escape for their lives. The vast masses of gold that had been accumulated, were more than could be carried away, as each soldier would have to fight his way through. The men were allowed to take what they would–but the commander warned them against overloading. “For,” said he, “he travels safest in the dark night–who travels lightest.” The more cautious men heeded the advice so given–but others were less self-restrained. Some bound heavy chains of gold around their neck and shoulders, some filled their pockets with the bulky gold ingots, until they literally staggered under their burden.

The experience of the conflict that ensued, demonstrated the wisdom of the advice given by the commander, and the folly of those who failed to heed it; for all such became an easy prey to the lances of the Aztecs! To save life–all else had to be abandoned; and that night poverty itself was the greatest riches.

We ought to see whether there is anything keeping us away from Christ or hindering our faithfulness and devotion; and if we find that there is anything, no matter how dear it is to us–we should cut it off or cast it away!

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