Songs of Thanksgiving

I will praise Thy works With songs of thanksgiving, Continually, from period to period, In the circuits of the day, and in its fixed order; With the coming of light from its source And at the turn of evening and the outgoing of light At the outgoing of darkness and the coming in of day, Continually, in all the generations of time.

I am grateful, Heavenly Father, For Thou hast raised me to an eternal height And I walk in the wonders of the plain.

Thou gavest me guidance To reach thine eternal company From the depths of the earth.

Thou hast purified my body To join the army of the angels of the earth And my spirit to reach The congregation of the heavenly angels.

Thou gavest man eternity To praise at dawn and dusk Thy works and wonders In joyful song.

I thank Thee, Heavenly Father, Because Thou hast put me At a source of running streams, At a living spring in a land of drought, Watering an eternal garden of wonders, The Tree of Life, mystery of mysteries, Growing everlasting branches for eternal planting To sink their roots into the stream of life from an eternal source.

And Thou, Heavenly Father, Protect their fruits With the angels of the day And of the night And with flames of Eternal Light burning every way.

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