Daily Word of God

Behold the Lamb of God

We would see Jesus. 

~  John 12:21

These men had heard of Jesus, but they wanted to see Him for themselves. It does not do for us to see Jesus only through other people’s eyes. No matter how vividly they may portray His beauty before us, this is not the seeing that blesses us and prints His image on our souls. We must behold Him for ourselves. In those terrible days in the ancient camp when the people were bitten and the brazen image of a serpent was set up, a mother could not look for her child, nor a friend for a friend. It is so in beholding Christ. No one can behold Him for another.

It is through seeing Christ that all spiritual blessings come to us. When we are burdened with sin, we are pointed to the Lamb of God that taketh away sin. When we seek to grow better, we are exhorted to behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, and thus be transformed into His image. When we ask for a model for our life, we are told to look unto Jesus. Many a fleeing slave, by simply keeping his eye fixed on a star, was led away from bondage to liberty. Keeping our eye on Christ will lead us from chains to glory.

These Greeks came to a disciple and asked him to introduce them to Jesus. What nobler service can we render in this world than that of introducing people to Jesus? To do this we must know Him well ourselves. But let no one think that he really needs any one to introduce him to Jesus. A little child was dying, and she said she was not afraid to die; but she wished her mamma could go with her to introduce her to Jesus. “For you know, mamma,” said the little one, “I was always afraid of strangers.” But no one will find Jesus a stranger; He loves to be sought, and to have people want to see Him, and He is always glad to reveal Himself to every seeker. He is not hard to find; He is near all the while, and we really need no one to take us to Him.

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