Daily Prayer Guide

The heart which boldly faces death  
Upon the battlefield, and dares  
Cannon and bayonet, faints beneath  
The needle-points of frets and cares.  
The stoutest spirits they dismay—  
The tiny stings of every day.  
Ah! more than martyr’s aureole  
And more than hero’s heart of fire,  
We need the humble strength of soul  
Which daily toils and ills require.  
Sweet patience, grant us, if you may  
An added grace for every day.
– Adelaide A. Procter

Sunset and evening star,  
And one clear call for me!  
And may there be no moaning of the bar,  
When I put out to sea.
– Alfred Tennyson


My Father, I pray that I may not be dismayed over life, and its trifles. Help me to master difficulties great and small, and give me patience through all until I reach the untroubled way. Amen.

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