Today With God

Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.
~ Mark 5:8

Jesus met the fierce demons that no man had been able to control, and they yielded to Him without resistance.

There is no power of evil, which is not subject to His sway. This ought to be a comfort to us in our effort to save wicked men. We cannot change them, but Christ can. This is the faith that makes missionaries confident as they go among the heathen. Christ can save the worst of them, changing them into quiet, peaceable, and gentle Christians.

Some people say they have such bad tempers that they cannot learn self–control. If they will only put their ungovernable tempers into the hands of Christ, He can tame them, as He tamed the demoniac.

The people of that neighborhood seem to have been angry because they lost their swine. They would rather have had the demon remain in the man than to have given their swine to have the man cured.

We ought to be glad to see such a man freed from the power of evil, whatever the cost may be to us.

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