Daily Word of God

He  … took the five loaves.
~ Matt 14:9

We are not surprised that a disciple asked, of the five loaves and two fishes, “What are these among so many?” What a little way they will go in feeding such a multitude! Why bring out this poor, paltry store at all? Surely Christ can feed the hungry people without these poor little black loaves.

Still, Jesus bade the disciples bring the loaves to Him, and He used them. Is it not strange that the mighty Christ should need us and our little barley-loaves to feed people’s hunger? Yet He does: He wants our gifts; and then He wants our ministry in dispensing the gifts. He passed the bread to the multitude through the hands of the disciples: He passes salvation through His saved ones to the unsaved.

Only one talent small,  
  Scarce worth to be named:  
Truly he hath no need of this,  
  O soul, art thus ashamed?  
He gave that talent first:  
  Then use it in his strength;  
Thereby—thou know’st not—he may work  
  A miracle at length a miracle at length.

Many the starving souls,  
  Now waiting to be fed,  
Needing, though knowing not their need  
  Of Christ, the living Bread.  
Oh! hast thou known his love? 
  To others make it known;  
Receiving blessings, others bless!  
  No seed abides alone.

And when thine eyes shall see,  
  The holy, ransomed throng  
In heavenly fields, by living streams,  
  By Jesus led along,  
Unspeakable thy joy shall be,  
  And glorious thy reward, reward  
If by thy barley-loaves one soul,  
 Has been brought home to God.

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