Daily Comfort

“As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”

~ John 20:21

The Son of God came down and lived in human form on the earth–that men might see God in the flesh. He said, “He who has seen me, has seen the Father.” All the love, the gentleness, the patience, the compassion, the purity, the truth, the righteousness, which people saw in the life of Jesus–was simply a revealing of God. That is what God is like.

Now the Christ sends us out to reveal God to men. We are to show to them in our character, disposition, spirit, and temper–the qualities of God. If anyone asks us to tell him what God is like, we ought to be able to say humbly and yet truthfully, “I am trying to be like God. He lives in me, and his qualities shine out in my life. Look at me–and you will see what God is like.”

I know how dimly the beauty of God shines in us, even at the best; but we cannot get away from the truth that if we are indeed Christ’s, he lives in us. Paul said more than once: “Be imitators of me–even as I am of Christ.” We must be able to say the same.

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