How Good He Is

God is amazing. He is in control, and his plans can’t be altered or stopped by anything. It’s not how much we do that gives us protection by God. It’s how much he does. We’re not safe because we do the right thing or are good people; we’re safe because God is protecting us, because we have a relationship with him through Jesus. We can’t alter God’s plans if we don’t do enough, or fall down, or do something wrong. God doesn’t let go of us — ever. Our relationship with him remains. He controls our lives and looks after us because of how good he is, not how good we are. As long as we remain with him, he protects us. He’ll always protect us. Our lives can be in a bad place, but we’re still loved, watched, and cared for by God. He manages every step we take. He holds onto us, and doesn’t look away. It’s about how good he is. And he’s perfect.

~ Mona M. Hanna

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