Eternal Perspectives

After the Resurrection, you must remember, we shall need a place to live in—a literal, material place of residence. For these bodies of ours will be alive as well as our spirits, and they will need a world to live in, a New Heaven and a New Earth. Christ is preparing a place not for disembodied spirits, for they are already before the throne of God perfectly blessed. No, a place for the entire personhood of his people, when spirit, soul, and body shall be again united and we as complete people shall receive the adoption—that is, the redemption of our bodies. Then the complete personhood of every believer shall be perfected in the glory of Christ.

~ Charles Spurgeon, [“A Prepared Place for a Prepared People,” Sermon 2751]

These bodies, given life by his Spirit who dwells in us and united to souls purified and refined, shall one day tread upon an Earth delivered from the Curse, and shall live beneath new heavens (Isaiah 65:17-19). Have they not new desires? They shall tread a New Earth, for they have new ways.

~ Charles Spurgeon, “God Rejoicing in the New Creation,” Sermon 2211

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