Eternal Perspectives

If there is a rush to see beautiful objects, grand and sublime sights, magnificent scenery, and the works of art, on account of the intense pleasure enjoyed through sense of sight, what shall we say of the exquisite pleasures in store for that sense in Heaven! Then again, reflect how very captivating, soothing, and enlivening is music. The ear revels in it, and pours into the soul torrents of harmony, which make her, for the time, altogether forget the outer world. So captivating is it that hours pass by unheeded, and she would almost fancy it is the echoes of angels’ voices she hears. What, then, must heavenly harmony be, if our imperfect music is so delightful? Think, also, how exquisitely the odors of flowers, incense, and all manner of perfumery produce a soothing effect upon man, banishing cares, and infusing a new life into him. What must these pleasures be in Heaven? 

The five senses of the human body are not mere accidental ornaments, which may or may not exist; they are essential to the integrity of its nature.

~ Father J. Boudreau, [The Happiness of Heaven]

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