Walk With Jesus


Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.

1 Timothy 3:1

Prospective employers often seem more concerned with outward achievement than with inward character. In the business world, quality of life often takes a back seat to accomplishments.

Not so in the family of God! There, what you are counts for more than what you have achieved. The work of the ministry demands more than good businessmen, good civic leaders, good politicians. It demands good people.

Patrick Fairbairn discusses the importance of good character in the selection of godly leaders in the church.


“The apostle’s list of qualifications is predominantly moral and consists of attributes of character rather than gifts and endowments of mind. The latter are included only as they might be required to form clear perceptions of truth and duty, to distinguish between things that differ, and in difficult or perplexing circumstances to discern the right and know how to maintain and vindicate it.

“Yet it is the characteristics which go to constitute the living, practical Christian, the man or woman of God, that are here brought into view.

“And whatever the church finds necessary to add to the number, in order to render her leaders fit for the varied work and service to which they are called, the grand moral characteristics specified here must still be regarded as the primary and more essential elements in the qualifications of a true spiritual overseer.”


Father, as I seek to minister to others in your name, make me conscious that serving you is more than doing the right things; it is being the right person—your Christlike child.

Build into my life those qualities that make serving you not simply a job but rather a lifestyle. In the name of him whose hands and heart were never in conflict. Amen.

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