The Nature of God


Once, a Christian friend of mine said something to me about faith. She said the promises God has made to us are always true, no matter how we’re feeling. Unfortunately, this is something I find hard to remember.

God has said a great many things to me over the years since I became a Christian. He’s said my life is his now. He’s said he would take care of my entire Christian journey — he would do everything. He’s said that, even though he desperately didn’t want to go through with the crucifixion, he did it because he loves me so very, very much. And God has said he’s proud of me — not because I do everything right, or achieve great things, but because I try hard and I mean well.

And yet so often I feel sad and alone, and forget everything I’ve been told. I’ve struggled with depression since I was 17, and so frequently I have to deal with negative thinking and insecurity. I can feel that I’m completely on my own, and that my life has no direction or purpose.

But everything God has ever said to me is still true. I am not alone. God does love me. Jesus himself is guiding my Christian journey, and will never leave me, or look away. 

Even if I’m lost and understand little else, I can hold onto God’s promises. Where I stand with God is not based on how I feel. I can’t assume that God loves me less, or is protecting me less, if I feel awful or am going through a difficult situation. And, most importantly, God doesn’t keep his promises to me based on how “good” a Christian I am, but because Jesus died for my sins, and paid for everything I do wrong.

So I need to hold onto the beautiful things God has said to me. He will never let me down. I need to have faith.

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