Truth For Today


I have no one like-minded, who will sincerely care for your state.

Church history May record ours as the era of disastrous collapse within the leadership of the church. The standards for leadership have been lowered, and many thousands have tragically lost their way.

Where are the godly and truthful men? Where are the humble, unselfish models of virtue? Where are the examples of victory over temptation? Where are those who show us how to pray and overcome trials or adversity?

We have a sick and distorted church because we’ve lost sight of Christ, His Word, and the Spirit. We’ve lost sight of our clear pattern for growth in the life of the apostle Paul. And we have tolerated a lower standard for leadership than the Bible allows. The essence of Christianity is becoming more like Christ. Matters such as right relationships, service, and evangelism will be taken care of if we just pursue that one holy goal.

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