Eternal Perspectives

We don’t want to live as some other kind of creatures in some other world. What we want is to be sinless, healthy people living on Earth, but without war, conflict, disease, disappointment, and death. We want to live in the kind of world where our dreams, the deepest longings of our hearts, really do come true.

That is exactly what God’s Word promises us. Our failure to grasp this hurts us in countless ways. We become discouraged, supposing that if we’re handicapped, we’ll never know the joy of running in a meadow or the pleasure of swimming. Or if we aren’t married—or don’t have a good marriage—we’ll never know the joy of marriage.

On the New Earth, in perfect bodies, we’ll run through meadows and swim in lakes. We’ll have the most exciting and fulfilling marriage there’s ever been, a marriage so glorious and complete there will be no purpose for another. Jesus himself will be our bridegroom!

The smartest person God ever created in this world may never have learned to read because he or she had no opportunity. The most musically gifted person may never have touched a musical instrument. The greatest athlete may never have competed in a game. The sport you’re best at may be a sport you’ve never tried, your favorite hobby one you’ve never thought of. Living under the Curse means we miss countless opportunities. The reversing of the Curse, and the resurrection of our bodies and our Earth, mean we’ll regain lost opportunities and inherit many more besides.

~ Randy Alcorn, Heaven

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