Eternal Perspectives

You and I have never eaten food in a world untouched by the Fall and the Curse. The palate and taste buds were injured in the Fall, as were all food sources. The best-tasting food we’ve ever eaten wasn’t nearly as good as it must have tasted in Eden or as it will on the New Earth.

The person who’s eaten the widest variety of meals on Earth still hasn’t tasted countless others. How many special dishes will you discover on the New Earth? As yet, you may not have tasted your favorite meal—and if you have, it didn’t taste as good as it will there. The best meals you’ll ever eat are all still ahead of you on the New Earth.

If it seems trivial or unspiritual to anticipate such things, remember that it’s God who promises that on the New Earth we will sit at tables, at banquets and feasts, and enjoy the finest foods and drinks. And to top it off, our Father promises that he himself will prepare for us the finest foods (Isaiah 25:6). Don’t you think he wants us to look forward to eating at his table?

~ Randy Alcorn, [Heaven]

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