A Very Present Help

What a powerful promise from Psalm 46! We do not need to fear because even in times of turmoil and trouble, God is our very present help, our refuge, and our strength! Our part is to call upon Him and He will answer and deliver us. Melinda, a lady from our church, experienced this for herself and wrote to me to share her testimony:

“As I was driving my six-year-old son to school, I exited the freeway and approached a traffic light junction. At that time, we were listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon CD in the car and I was amazed by how God had saved Noah and his family from the flood. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang as something hit the back of my car. The next thing I knew, my car was flung into the air. It overturned, landed on its roof, and spun a distance to a halt.”

“As the car was spinning, I started screaming, “Jesus!” at least five times until the car finally came to a halt. Even though we had spun upside down and my son only had a seat belt strapped across his body, he had been miraculously held to the contour of the seat. His head and legs were not dangling from his seat. His neck could have been broken from the impact of the crash, but he was okay.”

“My son and I crawled out of the wreck without a scratch or whiplash. We stood by the side of the road and a lot of passersby came to our aid. After we had gotten out of the car wreck, the picture of Jesus bleeding on the cross kept flashing in my mind. I knew that my son and I didn’t have to bleed on the road that morning because Jesus had shed His blood for us.”

“When my husband came to get us, he shared that he had also been driving to work around the time of the car accident, and how he felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to switch off the radio and pray in tongues. He also confessed the Lord’s favor over our lives, something that we had learned in church the day before.”

“Jesus turned a possibly tragic accident into a victorious outcome. No amount of safe driving could have saved our lives, only Jesus and nothing else!”

Praise the Lord! In her time of trouble, Melinda cried out the name of Jesus and He answered her. No matter what situation you are in, the Lord is with you and will surely deliver you when you call upon His name!

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