Live Loved

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
[ISAIAH 26:3]

Fix Your Thoughts on God

Goliaths still roam our world. Debt. Disaster. Dialysis. Danger. Deceit. Disease. Depression. Supersize challenges still swagger and strut, still pilfer sleep and embezzle peace and liposuction joy. But they can’t dominate you. You know how to deal with them. You face giants by facing God first.

Don’t face your giant without first dedicating time to prayer. Paul, the apostle, wrote, “Prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long” (Ephesians 6:18 MSG).

Prayer spawned David’s successes. His Brook Besor wisdom grew out of the moment he “strengthened himself in the LORD his God” (1 Samuel 30:6). When Saul’s soldiers tried to capture him, David turned toward God: “You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble” (Psalm 59:16).

How do you survive a fugitive life in the caves? David did with prayers like this one: “Be good to me, God—and now! I’ve run to you for dear life. I’m hiding out under your wings until the hurricane blows over. I call out to High God, the God who holds me together” (57:1–2 MSG).

When David soaked his mind in God, he stood. When he didn’t, he flopped. You think he spent much time in prayer the evening he seduced Bathsheba? Did he write a psalm the day he murdered Uriah? Doubtful.

Mark well this promise: “[God] will keep in perfect peace all who trust in [God], whose thoughts are fixed on [God]!” (Isaiah 26:3 NLT). God promises not just peace, but perfect peace. Undiluted, unspotted, unhindered peace. To whom? To those whose minds are “fixed” on God. Forget occasional glances. Dismiss random ponderings. Peace is promised to the one who fixes thoughts and desires on the king.


Father God, you have promised peace of mind to those who fix their thoughts on you. You have shown us how to deal with the “giants” we encounter so they won’t dominate our lives. Like David of old, may we soak our minds in you, Lord, and run straight to you with our problems. Teach us to make prayer the highest priority. Remind us of your promises to hear and answer our prayers, amen.

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”
[MATTHEW 22:37]

The LORD will give strength to His people; the LORD will bless His people with peace. 
[ PSALM 29:11]

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