Truth For Today


The purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart.
[1 TIMOTHY 1:5]

The keeping of a commandment should flow from a heart of love. It’s possible to obey the law out of fear and to be afraid of God’s punishment. But when you do that, you don’t really obey the law in the fullest sense because fear is not the biblical motive for obedience. Fear will restrain you from some evil and its effect can be somewhat productive, but its result is incomplete.

Some keep the law out of self-interest. They believe that if they live a moral life, God will repay them. But that is not a pure motive for obedience—it’s a selfish one. Although you May restrain yourself from evil and do good things outwardly, you won’t have an obedience that comes from an attitude of love. The true intention of the law is to cultivate love from the heart. That’s how the law is fulfilled.

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