Prayer Guide

“Arise! Shine! For your light arrives! The splendor of the Lord shines on you!

[Isa 60:1 NET]

Yes, to this thought I hold with firm persistence—

The last result of wisdom stamps it true:

He only earns his freedom and existence

Who daily conquers them anew.

~ Goethe ~

For thee hath been dawning

Another blue day;

Look how thou let it

Slip empty away.

~ Goethe ~

Happy the man, and happy he alone,

Who can call to-day his own:

He who, secure within, can say,

“To-morrow, do thy worst, for I have lived to-day.”

~ John Dryden ~

Gracious Father, help me to be alert this morning and select the noblest that is in to-day. May I be diligent and not find in the evening that I have been unworthy of the day. Amen.

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