Evening Devotional

Be Changed By Beholding Christ

If you go to any good bookstore, you will find a section called “Self-Improvement”. Here, you’ll find all kinds of books describing various principles and methods you can follow to improve yourself. In all these books, the focus is on you using your willpower and self-discipline to apply the principles to improve yourself.

But God does not want you focusing on yourself. That’s self-occupation, which can only take you so far, with results that last only as long as your willpower lasts. God has a higher way. He wants you to be Christ-occupied. When you look to yourself to improve yourself, you are putting confidence in your flesh. But the Bible tells us that in our flesh dwells no good thing (Romans 7:18), and that we should put no confidence in our flesh (Philippians 3:3).

My friend, the best way to change yourself is to forget self and be occupied with Christ. When you read the Bible, see His beauty, His majesty, His compassion and His grace. As you keep beholding and meditating on His glory, the Holy Spirit inside you goes to work in you. He will transform you into the very same image of Christ. You will be changed from glory to glory, experiencing true and lasting inward transformation!

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