Work At Resting

There are so many things to do every day—prepare breakfast, drive the kids to school, finish up your presentation, chair a meeting, meet a client, counsel a friend…It’s like we’re always working on something!

Actually, if there’s one thing that we ought to prioritize working on every day, it is working at being at rest! Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? How can you work at resting?

Yet, that is exactly what God wants us to do. Given our inclination to work, worry and rush to finish all our tasks every day, He wants us to prioritize spending time with Him, and letting His love and words of grace flush out all our agitations, worries and fears.

My friend, make laboring to enter God’s rest number one on your to-do list every day. When you are at rest, God’s grace can flow unhindered through you to accomplish—with ease—all that needs to be accomplished for the day. Rest is His provision for you today. Receive it and thank Him for it!

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