Prayer Guide

So I perceived there is nothing better than for people to enjoy their work, because that is their reward; for who can show them what the future holds?

[Eccl 3:22 NET]

His was the heart that overmuch

In human goodness puts its trust,

And his the keen, satiric touch

That shrivels falsehood into dust.

Fierce for the right, he bore his part

In strife with many a valiant foe;

But laughter winged his polished dart,

And kindness tempered every blow.

~ William Winter ~

A wise man will so act that whatever he does may rather seem voluntary and of his own free will than done by compulsion, however much he may be compelled by necessity.

~ Machiavelli ~

Lord God,

May I not forget that it is in the light, and not the darkness, that my work is revealed. I beseech thee to pour in thy light as I plan my life, and open my heart and mind for the reception of thy tru


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