Prayer Guide

So get rid of all evil and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander.

[1 Pet 2:1 NET]

Not from the dangers that beset our path

From storm or sudden death, or pain or wrath,

We pray deliverance;

But from the envious eye, the narrowed mind

Of those that are the vultures of mankind

Thy aid advance.

Not at the strong man’s righteous rage or hate,

But at the ambushed malice laid in wait

Thy strength arise;

At those who ever seek to spot the fair

White garments of a neighbor’s character

With mud of lies.

~ Theodosia P. Garrison ~

My Lord, may I remember that to protect the character of others is to add virtue to my own. Grant that I may see the good and not be looking for the evil. Cause me to know that peace will not abide in deceit or revenge, but may be found in a happy and charitable spirit. Help me to earn thy peace. Amen.

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