Believer’s Daily Treasure

Believer’s Humble Confession

So you too, when you have done everything you were commanded to do, should say, ‘We are slaves undeserving of special praise; we have only done what was our duty.’”

[Luke 17:10 NET]

My present triumphs, and my past,

Are thine, and must be to the last;

And if the crown of life I wear,

Thy hand alone must place it there.

Quiet Time

He came a third time and said to them, “Are you still sleeping and resting? Enough of that! The hour has come. Look, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.

[Mark 14:41 NET]

Never did that sacred opportunity to watch with Christ return to His disciples. Lost then, it was lost forever. And now when Jesus is still beholding the travail of His soul in the redemption of the world, if you fail to be with Him watching for souls as they that must give account, remember that the opportunity will never return. “Watch, therefore,” says your Lord, “lest coming suddenly, He may find you sleeping.”

~ A. J. Gordon ~

Prayer Guide

“‘You took your sons and your daughters whom you bore to me and you sacrificed them as food for the idols to eat. As if your prostitution not enough,

[Ezek 16:20 NET]

Do ye hear the children weeping, O my brothers,

Ere the sorrow comes with years?

They are leaning their young heads against their mothers,

And they cannot stop their tears.

The young lambs are bleating in the meadows;

The young birds are chirping in the nests;

The young fawns are playing with the shadows;

The young flowers are blowing toward the west:

But the young, young children, O my brothers!

They are weeping bitterly.

They are weeping in the playtime of the others,

In the country of the free.

~ Elizabeth B. Browning ~

Father of all, I pray that I may always love children. May I never forget that I wanted things and needed things when I was a child, and that the help and neglect which I received then told in my life. Make me interested in the purposes that will help the progress of the child to-day, and may I realize that the child does not need my casual charity as much as it needs my permanent justice. Amen.

Days of Heaven Upon Earth

the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot accept, because it does not see him or know him. But you know him, because he resides with you and will be in you.

[John 14:17 NET]

Do not fail to mark these two stages in Christian life. The one is the Spirit’s work in us, the other is the Spirit’s personal coming to abide within us. All true Christians know the first, but few, it is to be feared, understand and receive the second. There is a great difference between my building a house and my going to reside in that house and make it my home. And there is a great difference between the Holy Spirit’s work in regenerating a soul the building of a house, and His coming to reside, abide and control in our innermost spirit and our whole life and being.

Have we received Him Himself not as our Guest, but as the Owner, Proprietor and Keeper of the temple He has built to be an habitation of God through the Spirit?

This is my wonderful story,

Christ to my heart has come,

Jesus the King of glory,

Finds in my heart a home.

I am so glad I received Him,

Jesus, my heart’s dear King,

I, who so often have grieved Him,

All to His feet would bring.


because you have been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone.

[Eph 2:20 NET]

The meaning of this expression, which frequently occurs in the New Testament, is, we think, often misunderstood. It is taken in the first instance from the declaration concerning our Lord in the Psalms, which he in the gospels (Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17) specially claimed and appropriated to himself—“The stone which the builders refused has become the head-stone of the corner” (Psalm 118:22). “The head of the corner,” or “the chief corner stone,” the meaning of both expressions being one and the same, signifies not the stone which stands at the top of the building, uniting the corners of the two walls just under the roof, but the broad foundation stone, which is firmly fixed at the very bottom; and it is called the “corner stone” or the “head” or “chief of the corner,” because being laid as a huge and broad stone for a foundation of the whole building, each wall meets upon it at the corners, it equally supporting and upholding them all.

The two walls which thus meet together represent Jew and Gentile; but each of these walls equally rests upon the broad foundation stone which is common to both, and not only supports them separately, but unites them together at the corner, where each meets and rests upon it. It is the expression “head” which has caused the misapprehension of the word “corner stone” to which we have alluded; but the word “head” in Hebrew properly signifies the first or chief; and thus as the foundation is not only the chief stone as supporting the whole, but the first which is laid, so our gracious Lord is not only chief in dignity, but was laid first in place, for the Church was chosen in him. In all things he must have the pre-eminence. Thus he is first in dignity, as the Son of the Father in truth and love; first in choice, God choosing the elect in him; first in suffering, for what sorrows were like his sorrows? first in resurrection, for he is “the first-fruits of those who slept;” first in power, for “all power is given unto him in heaven and in earth;” first in glory, for he is gone before to prepare a place for his people; and we may well add, he is first in their hearts and affections, for he that loves father or mother, son or daughter, more than him is not worthy of him.

Mornings With God

Consequently, just as condemnation for all people came through one transgression, so too through the one righteous act came righteousness leading to life for all people.

[Rom 5:18 NET]

All grace and good come to us through Jesus Christ. Through one man sin entered into the world. When Christ came He gained the victory of life. So now, through Him, all that is holy, true, and good comes to all who accept Him.

There is no other one through whom we can get blessing. Without Christ even earth’s sweetest joys have no power to give us enduring happiness. But when we have Christ, everything is enriched. The world grows more beautiful. The common blessings of the common days come from His hand and have new sweetness in them. Our daily bread is more sacred by being His gift to us. Every flower we see by the wayside suggests to us some thought of Him.

But the best blessings that come through Christ are the things of grace, heavenly good things. These are eternal, and we should never lose them. We need only to make sure that we accept Christ and His redemption, and then all things shall be ours in Him.