Truth For Today


What is good for necessary edification, that it May impart grace to the hearers.


If you allow Christ to keep watch over your lips, whatever you say should build up others. You should encourage and strengthen others spiritually. Is that what happens when you talk with people? Do they go away built up in Jesus Christ? Mothers, when you are with your children throughout the day, do your words build them up? Fathers, when you take your children out for the day, are your conversations with them edifying and encouraging?

Today’s verse also indicates that we should give others “necessary” edification, meaning that our words fit the need. When I was growing up, whenever I would say to my mom, “Do you know what So-and-so did?” she would respond, “Is that necessary to know?” Often what I wanted to say was interesting, but it certainly wasn’t necessary.

Finally our speech should “impart grace to the hearers.” Do your words bless those who hear them? Is there graciousness in what you say? You can be sure that if you allow the Lord to set a watch over your tongue and let His Word dwell in you, then your words will be His gracious words.

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